Tabletop Games by Asmodee Canada! - Comiccon de Montréal

Tabletop Games by Asmodee Canada!

Asmodee, the famous games publisher, will be present at the Montreal Comiccon with an incredible gaming zone. This zone will feature 3 exciting sections. First, you’ll be able to enjoy self-service games. Discover and play a variety of captivating games such as CATAN or 7 Wonders !

For fans of expert games, find titles such as Star Wars™ Shatterpoint or Marvel™ Champions on the table accompanied by expert hosts. These games will offer exciting challenges and allow you to immerse yourself in rich, immersive universes.

And finally, a zone dedicated to figure painting will also be present. Express your creativity by painting miniatures and adding your own artistic touch.

We’re also delighted to announce our exciting animation partnership with Randolph Pubs. Their team of animators will be on hand to help you with your games!

Asmodee’s presence promises an exceptional play experience for board game fans, whether novices or experts. Come and discover this unique zone and immerse yourself in a world of interactive entertainment !