A Certain Magical Index - Comiccon de Montréal

A Certain Magical Index

Samedi 17 h 30 à 19 h 00

512A : Salle NAD

Épisodes 1 - 4 | Langue : doublé en anglais

Kamijo is a student in Academy City, where people use science to develop supernatural abilities. The guy’s got a lot of heart – luckily for a young nun named Index. She’s on the run from a sorcery society that covets the astonishing 103,000 volumes of magical knowledge stored in her memory. When Index stumbles into Kamijo’s life, she find a faithful friend and protector, and while Kamijo’s easily the weakest kid in Academy City, he’s got something else going for him: the Imagine Breaker, an unexplainable power stored in his right hand that negates the powers of others.