IKV Rising Phoenix - Comiccon de Montréal

IKV Rising Phoenix

IKV Rising Phoenix is the local chapter of KAG (Klingon Assault Group [insert link here www.KAG.org], an international, not-for-profit Star Trek fan organization that focuses on the Klingons and their Empire. They explore the Klingon way of life through costuming, role-playing, prop building, language learning, and more. There are no dues here and their growth is based on communication and cooperation.


KAG has 3 fleets in Canada: Northern Storm (Western Canada), Krimson Knight (Central Canada) and Rising Sun (Eastern Canada), the latter of which IKV Rising Phoenix is part of.


After an absence of several years, the IKV Rising Phoenix is on the rise again and is currently counting 10 active members. Their activities are not limited to conventions. They also do charity work, weddings, birthdays, and much more! Whatever makes a Star Trek fan happy.


To join them, create a profile on www.KAG.org, and you’ll be assigned to your local ship. For more info, send an email at montreal.klingons@gmail.com.


Come and visit them at their booth at Montreal Comicon and have your picture taken, dressed up and surrounded by Klingons. They will have a green screen and you’ll be beamed onboard a spaceship, alien planet.