IKV Rising Phoenix - Comiccon de Montréal

IKV Rising Phoenix

KAG is an international, not-for-profit Star Trek fan organization that focuses on the Klingons and their Empire. They explore the Klingon way of life through costuming, role-playing, prop building, language learning, and more.
These last years the IKV Rising Phoenix, the local KAG ship in Montreal, has grown. At Comiccon, on Saturday, July 15, there will be a great announcement!
To join them, create a profile on www.KAG.org, and you’ll be assigned to your local ship. For more info, send an email at montreal.klingons@gmail.com. There are no dues to join.

This year KAG is joined by Starfleet International.

STARFLEET International is a global organization dedicated to promoting the principles of the Star Trek universe and fostering a sense of community among its members. Founded in 1974, STARFLEET International has grown to become the world’s largest and oldest Star Trek fan association, with members in over 20 countries.

As an organization, STARFLEET International is focused on providing a platform for fans of Star Trek to come together, share their love of the franchise, and engage in a range of activities related to the series. These activities include attending conventions, participating in roleplaying games, and contributing to local community service projects.


At the heart of STARFLEET International is a commitment to the values espoused by Star Trek, including respect for diversity, a belief in the power of science and exploration, and a dedication to creating a better future for all. Through its various programs and initiatives, the organization works to inspire its members to embody these ideals in their own lives, both within and outside of the Star Trek community.


Overall, STARFLEET International is a welcoming and inclusive community that provides a space for fans of Star Trek to come together, share their passion, and work towards a brighter future. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the franchise, there’s a place for you in STARFLEET International



The USS Renaissance NCC-74874 is a chapter within STARFLEET International Inc. The Chapter is correspondence-based, with members all over North America and as far away as the United Kingdom.


The chapter has a focus on community service through fundraising, volunteerism, and advocacy. Past events include fundraisers for animal rescue and shelters, blood donations, homelessness, and food drives.


Members participate in a variety of events, such as: virtual games & trivia, watch parties, cosplay, and conventions. There are also active chats with the crew on Facebook Messenger and Discord.


The Star Trek aspect is fan-based. The “Ship” is a Sovereign Class Starship that is primarily a Science Vessel. Some modifications were made to the ship due to the Borg invasion of the Sol Sector. The club uses STARFLEET ranks, which are fictitious, and enhance the experience. There are also specialties and Billets such as Captain, XO, Chief Operations Officer, Chief of Security, Chief Medical Officer, and more – just like in Star Trek!


Being part of STARFLEET International allows you to take courses through STARFLEET Academy leading to “degree” programs and a path to promotion. STARFLEET also offers a Medical, Marine and a Special Ops path. Even your pets are welcome in Starfleet.

The crew of the USS Renaissance is thrilled to be joining forces with the IKV Rising Phoenix at this year’s Montreal Comiccon!