Kira Kira START Idol Showcase! - Comiccon de Montréal

Kira Kira START Idol Showcase!

New this year at Montreal Comiccon! Kira Kira START! presents the Showcase Idol on Sunday, July 16, 2023!

Grab your light sticks and let the show begin! Welcome to the ‘Kira Kira START!’ Idol Showcase – a concert style event aimed for idols to show off their skills in performance and stage presence through lip-sync and dance, to songs from established ‘idol’ groups. Whether you are into the cutesy, the rocking, or anything in between, this event has something for everyone! So please join us as we bring the love of Japanese, Korean & more idol performances to Montreal Comiccon!

: This event is not a competition.

Do you want to participate? Registration is open until May 21, 2023. Apply here.
Please read the Showcase Idol Rules.