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Ty Templeton

The Batman and Robin Adventures


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Ty Templeton has worked in the comics industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing scripts and art to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Mad Magazine, The Simpsons, The National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, The Avengers, Justice League and many others. He’s also been a comics publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, teacher, and a lifelong reader of these things. His greatest creations are his four kids, and a musical single he once put out with Alan Moore, guest-starring members of the bands Bauhaus and April Wine. Ty is well known in Toronto for his series of comic book writing and drawing classes known as 'Ty Templetons Comic Book Boot Camp'. He also has a Shuster-nominated weekly Saturday webcomic strip called Bun Toons, that will good-naturedly mock the comics industry.