Steve McNiven - Comiccon de Montréal


Steve McNiven

Wolverine: Old Man Logan
Civil War
Marvel Knights: 4


Saturday - Sunday 2 days


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Information coming soon


Steve McNiven first came into prominence after he took over as a penciller of CrossGen’s Meridian title following the departure of Josh Middleton. Later, he gained more fame working for Marvel Comics as the penciller of Marvel Knights: 4, Ultimate Secret and New Avengers. McNiven was the penciller of the 2006 Marvel mini-series Civil War working with Mark Millar, which IGN ranked as one of the greatest comic book events.

He followed this by provided the art for the Wolverine storyline “Old Man Logan”, which was another immediate hit, and the Icon Comics mini-series Nemesis, both with Millar. He helped launch Spider-Man's 'Brand New Day' in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy with writer Brian Michael Bendis.

He joined Ed Brubaker on Captain America after Steve Rogers returned from the beyond, and writer Charles Soule for the epic Death of Wolverine and 2018's Return of Wolverine. In 2019, Steve created the epic covers for Mark Waid's History of the Marvel Universe.