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Productions Windrose

Courant fractal


Fri - Sat - Sun 3 days


Les Productions Windrose is the team that imagined and designed Courant fractal, one of the very first French-language role-playing games published and marketed in Quebec. Courant fractal is a role-playing book inscribed in the medieval-fantasy stream. Members of Les Productions Windrose will be present in the metropolis as part of the Montréal Comiccon!

Created by a tremendous team of dedicated professionals from different fields (history, psychology and publishing, among others), the first edition of Courant fractal was published in June 2014. The hardcover edition was launched at Montréal Comiccon in July 2015. The 357-page role-playing book Courant fractal is distributed online, as well as in an ever-expanding network of outlets, and its community of players has an increasing number of faithful followers.