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Maggie Robertson

Resident Evil Village
Baldur’s Gate III
God of War: Ragnarök


Award-winning actress Maggie Robertson took the gaming and VO world by storm with her voice and motion capture performance portraying the iconic villain and fan favorite, Lady Dimitrescu, in Capcom's Resident Evil Village (2021). With a performance that was lauded by fans and critics alike, Maggie became an overnight sensation and the subject of press interviews, fan art, memes and even thirst tweets. Maggie found herself at the center of the awards arena in the gaming and voice industries and the recipient of a BAFTA Game Awards nomination for best "Performer in a Supporting Role". Her award wins include "Best Performance", The Game Awards, "Best Performer", The Golden Joystick Awards, "Outstanding Video Game Character" from the SOVAS Voice Arts Awards, "Best Acting in a Game" from the NY Video Game Critics Circle's NY Game Awards and "Outstanding Achievement in Character" from The DICE Awards.

She can most recently be heard voicing Orin the Red in Baldur’s Gate III, The Mother of Worms in Back 4 Blood: River Of Blood Expansion 3, Skjóthendi the Unerring in the God of War: Ragnarök (2022) and Amaterasu of House Phoenix in the award winning MOBA game, Smite. Her recent mocap performances include multiple characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns, which released December 2022, as well as the mocap performance of Runway in Hi-Rez Studio's Rogue Company (2021).

The coming year holds several prominent but unannounced projects for her, from gaming and animation to superheroes and musicals.

Maggie received her MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music & the Dramatic Art (LAMDA), joining the ranks of other notable alumni like Benedict Cumberbatch, David Oyelowo, Brian Cox, Ruth Wilson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and John Lithgow. After graduating, Maggie moved to Los Angeles and has been acting in film, television and games since then.