Jean-François Laliberté - Comiccon de Montréal


Jean-François Laliberté

Les Élus Eljun (Éditions Michel Quintin)
U-Merlin (4 tomes, Michel Quintin)


Fri - Sat - Sun 3 days


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Author, screenwriter, father and engineer, Jean-François efficiently divides his time between these different roles. He draws inspiration for his stories from a wide variety of literary genres, as evidenced by the Prix de la Rivière Ouelle for detective stories awarded to him by the Société du roman policier de Saint-Pacôme in 2012. He also won with Sacha Lefebvre (comic artist) the 2019 Bédéis Causa’s Réal-Fillion award for his first professional comic book: U-Merlin - Les épreuves de l'écuyer. With collaborator Sacha Lefebvre, he creates the manga serie Les Élus Eljun, published by Éditions Michel Quintin.

Courtesy of Festival BD de Montréal (FBDM).