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Gobelin qui s'en dédit


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After a tortuous schooling, a hellish search for a publisher, Gauthier Lacourte will finally see his first published game: Gobelin qui s'en dédit.
An avid reader and lover of cinema, role-playing came into his life when he was about eighteen years old, at a time in which he only knew video games and choose-your-own-adventure books; the discovery of this medium was obvious. While he started off as a terrible player, he managed to improve, taking a chance on reciting his sessions and ended up creating his own game. The game in question is overloaded with his experiences (be they ​​significant events that influence the development, or experiments worthy of a literary apprentice alchemist) and his passion. Not long after discovering the role playing on the table, he discovered Live Action Role Play (L.A.R.P), with his first character being ... a goblin doctor! While he has taken on that character several times, and additional gobs over time, it led him to appreciate goblins and their ways. As you may have guessed, these adventures greatly influenced Gobelin qui s'en dédit.

The biggest upheaval in the project is obviously the meeting with Yannick, who fell in love with the humor, the possibilities and the simplicity of setting up GQD, which suited him perfectly. Without him, the project would probably have stagnated, with it originally being only 4 or 5 quickly printed A4 pages, before going to a convention to play in the quiet moments with those looking to discover the game.