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David Lloyd

Aces Weekly
V for Vendetta


Fri - Sat - Sun 3 days


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The mastermind behind Aces Weekly, the online comic anthology launched in 2012, David Lloyd is best-known for V for Vendetta, which he created in collaboration with writer Alan Moore.

The V for Vendetta strip was originally serialized in Warrior between 1982 and 1984 before being concluded at DC in 1989. That was almost 15 years after the artist got his break drawing a story for The Magician Annual 1975 although that proved to be a false start – it was another three years before his career took off. He’s contributed to Logan's Run, the adaptation of Quatermass II, and co-created Night Raven in Hulk Weekly. He has also collaborated with Alan Moore on Doctor Who Weekly before US publishers came calling. His American contributions not only came from Marvel and DC, but also found work from Pacific, Eclipse, and Dark Horse, the latter which published the excellent crime-thriller Kickback.

While still contributing to the occasional anthology, Lloyd’s focus these days is on Aces Weekly. The multi-award-winning, digital-delivery comic art magazine publishes new serials and short stories every Monday straight to devices in seven-part volumes featuring top-talent comic creators from across the globe. For a very small cost to the reader, the majority of the money returned to the artists, who own the series.

In recent years Lloyd worked on a volume of war memoirs, Words of Stars; an Asterix collection; his first limited-edition print, The Prizefighter; and a book on Sao Paulo, Dark Matter, a retrospective of his past short stories, has been published in Italy and Spain.