Cameron Brodeur - Comiccon de Montréal

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Cameron Brodeur

The Umbrella Academy


Saturday - Sunday 2 days


Born in Montreal, Cameron first began performing as a dancer at his family run dance school.  At age 10, he wanted to try out acting and was fortunate to book some national commercials.  Cameron soon after landed the role of Sorenon the SYFY / Space TV series Helix and he since has had the pleasure of working in TV, film and video games in both English and French.  For the last 3 seasons, Cameron has been a series regular on TFO’s Amélie et Compagnieand you can currently see him as Young Lutheron Netflix’s new series The Umbrella Academy.  You can next catch Cameron on the big screen in Rolland Emmerich’s feature film Midwayset to hit theatres in November 2019.