Benz Antoine - Comiccon de Montréal

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Benz Antoine



Saturday - Sunday 2 days

Autographs - $40.00

Information coming soon

Information coming soon


Benz Antoine is a Haitian-Hollywood actor who has made over 100 Film & Television appearances spanning 25 years and in 3 languages; including the voice of 'Baptiste' in Overwatch. Born in Montreal, he made his big screen debut in Romeo Must Die (2000) as the "Crabman". Since then, he has appeared in the blockbuster hits Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005), Four Brothers (2005), the critically acclaimed I'm Not There (2007), and as Tyrese Gibson's confrontational co-pilot in Death Race (2008).

On the small screen, Antoine is famed for his gut-wrenching portrayal of Tyler Joseph; a troubled alcoholic beat cop in the acclaimed French-language cop show 19-2. A role that he effortlessly revolutionized in the English adaptation for the Bravo network; both earning him nominations for Best Supporting Actor.