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Born in New York, United States, NANO is an English-Japanese bilingual singer with powerful vocal talent who began her career in 2010 posting song cover videos to YouTube and other video sites, and has since nurtured a strong international fan base. Her first album release, "NANOir" came in March 2021, and the album cracked the top 10 of the Oricon Daily Rankings in Japan, a rarity for brand-new artists. Her third album, "Rock on." came in at 4th on the Oricon rankings in 2015, cementing NANO 's place in the J-Pop scene.

In March 2013, NANO 's first live concert "Remember your color." was held at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, which sold out 2500 tickets within the first day of ticket sales. Since then, NANO has conducted tours within Japan, as well as solo concerts overseas, including her first overseas concerts in Taiwan and Germany in 2015. In May 2018, NANO held her first concert performance in her native America and gave an outstanding performance for a packed crowd of 2,800.

NANO 's original YouTube content has generated over 100,000,000 views on YouTube, and her online live concert in 2020 was viewed both within Japan and in 23 nations and regions around the world.

In December 2023, NANO announced her first US tour "NOTHING BUT NOISE" with featured artists DEMONDICE, MINMI, and Caleb Hyles. The high successful tour ran through four major cities in January of 2024.

In April 2024, she announced her latest single “Do or Die” for the TV anime series “Shadowverse Flame”. Soon after, she embarked on her Asia tour under the title “ROCK YOUR HEART OUT - DO OR DIE 2024”.