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Lucien Ratio

La bataille de Farador (2022)


Dimanche 1 jour

Célébrités sur scène!

Dimanche - 13H15

Notice biographique

Native of Quebec City, Lucien Ratio has quickly made a name for himself in more than thirty productions since his graduation from the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec in 2005. Le projet Laramie (Trident), Le menteur (La Bordée), Trainspotting (Prospero, winner of the Critics' Choice Award), Just In (Premier Acte) and Antigone (Trident)are among the actor's notable projects. Lucien also wrote the texts and directed the annual show Beu-Bye for severalyears, as well as L'Gros Show at the Périscope. On television, he first appeared in Annie et ses hommes (TVA), thenin the comedy shows Les pêcheurs (ICI Télé), Complexe G (TVA), Dans ma tête (TVA) and La Maison-Bleue (ICITélé). Lucien brilliantly played Boulianne in the feature film Feuilles Mortes, starring Roy Dupuis. He also played one of the two main characters Guillaume in La bataille de Farador by Édouard Tremblay, alongside Benoit Drouin-Germain and Catherine Brunet. The actor is now pursuing his career in Montreal, where he recently moved.