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Jason Cavalier

Guardians of the Galaxy de Marvel (jeu vidéo)
Time of Your Life


Vendredi - Dimanche 2 jours

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Dimanche - 13H30

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Jason Cavalier is a talented performer that most recently did the motion capture and the voice for Drax in the Square Enix/Eidos Montreal video game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Immediately upon graduating university he starred as "Mickey" in the Canadian Soap opera Time of Your Life. Cavalier started his feature film acting career landing roles in such films as the David Hewlett horror sequel Scanners II: the New Order (1991), Flight from Justice (1993) with Bruce Boxleitner and the Gary Busey action flick Warriors (1994). He also appeared in the action film Silent Hunter (1995) with Miles O'Keefe, the Peter Weller action movie Screamers (1996) and the Jean-Claude van Damme action picture The Quest (1996). In the early 2000s, Cavalier devoted his time to various credits, such as Battlefield Earth (2000), The Art of War with Wesley Snipes (2000), Heist (2001) starring Gene Hackman, and Rollerball with Chris Klein (2002).

Cavalier had several different projects including I'm Not There (2007) starring Christian Bale, Death Race (2008) and Punisher: War Zone (2008). His credits also expanded to the Brendan Fraser and Jet Li smash hit The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) and Outlander (2009) starring Jim Caviezel. Most recently, Cavalier acted in Stonewall (2015) with Jeremy Irvine.

Since his early acting days Jason has also shot his own productions, often in collaboration with Brent Radford, and he’s also worked behind the camera as a Fight choreographer, Stunt Co-ordinator and 2nd unit director. Jason enjoys working with new directors and energetic crew members in whichever capacity that allows him a creative outlet, be it as actor, stunts or 2nd Unit director. as flourished behind the camera as well as in front