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Andy Belanger

Mother Trucker
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Andy Belanger is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator based in Montreal. He does work in the mainstream comic market as well as a wide variety of work in the Canadian film, television, and video game industries.

In the comics market, Andy has worked for such publishers as DC Comics, Wildstorm, TKO, IDW, WWE, Boom, Valiant, Dynamite, Z2, Heavy Metal, and Image comics. Andy was the Trailer Animator on "FarCry 3: Blood Dragon" for UbiSoft. In 2020, Andy started the new boutique publishing company LETHAL COMICS with their first series "Mother Trucker".

He’s also currently the editor and creator on the "Psycho Goreman" magazine for Lethal Comics. In Montreal, Andy moonlights as a Pro Wrestler for IWS and wrestles under the name Bob “The Animal” Anger.