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Al Gofa

Chevalier Bataille
Dark Angels of Darkness


Ven - sam - dim 3 jours


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Some say the Al Gofa is from the cold and wild region of Quebec. But no one is really sure. Its natural habitat remains uncertain, but we know that it emigrated to Montreal in order to study the occult sciences and alchemy with the avowed aim of concocting as many "books" as possible.
It starts making strange shapes on a piece of paper, also known as "cartoons", around the year 2016 after BC and mostly roding around Vincent Giard's social club, the Maison de la Bande dessinée where he gave birth to Chevalier Bataille and Dark Angels of Darkness. For the last four years, the Gofa made these "cartoon books" with other fellow creatures, together they casted Dagger Dagger, Cry Punch Comics and Ex-Mag 3. The Gofa feeds mainly on frozen foods.

“Al Gofa’s art is so punchy and full of life it feels like it’s taking a swing at you. A fresh knockout every time.” – Tomer Hanuka