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Yanic Truesdale  |  Gilmore Girls

Yanic Truesdale
Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Majeurs et Vaccinés
Mauvais Karma
La Théorie du K.O.

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Both charming and handsome, Yanic Truesdale is best known for his memorable role as the sarcastic and high-brow French concierge, Michel Gerard, to fanatic fans of the cult-classic, feel good family series Gilmore Girls and more recently in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

Born and raised in Montreal, Yanic fell into acting at the age of 17, when he decided on a whim to join a friend to audition for the National Theatre School of Canada, and was accepted to study and fine tune his undeniable talent as an actor. After graduating at the age of 20, Yanic set his sights on his first project, with the goal of obtaining the rights to do a Canadian production of the critically acclaimed play, The Birdcage. Next, Yanic landed a starring role in He Shoots, He Scores, a popular Canadian series about hockey. As his fame grew, he went on to book a six year stint on the series The Duval Family and even co-hosted a live daytime talk show for teenagers called Livraison Spéciale.

In 1998, he was nominated for his first Gemini Award for his performance in the sitcom Majeurs et Vaccinés, in which he was portraying the only black child of a white family. The series was a huge hit. Following this success, he studied at New York’s renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and then decided to move to Los Angeles. Before he knew it he landed his first English-speaking role on a Warner Brothers series titled Gilmore Girls, and the rest is history!

For the past years, he joined several Canadian shows, but it was his portrayal of TV host Yan Patrick in the hit TV show Mauvais Karma that landed him his second Gemini nomination for best supporting actor in a comedy. He also just finished his 2 season run on Radio-Canada’s La Théorie Du K.O., where his portrayal of a right wing accountant got him rave reviews.

Yanic enjoys his dual citizenship and keeps residences in both cities. His passions include writing, traveling and seeing as many movies as possible.