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Howard Chaykin  |  American Flagg!

Howard Chaykin
Star Wars (Marvel)
Cody Starbuck
American Flagg!
Dominic Fortune

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Howard Chaykin is an American comic book writer and artist, whose notable works include Dominic Fortune, Cody Starbuck, and American Flagg!.

In his up-and-coming years, Chaykin apprenticed under both Gil Kane and Neal Adams, the latter of whom led to his break at DC Comics. His first major work for the publisher came in early 1973, with The Price of Pain Ease. Shortly after, he moved on to Marvel Comics, where he landed the job of drawing their Star Wars adaptation. Around this time, he also produced Cody Starbuck in the Star Reach anthology magazine. In 1983, he launched the widely successful American Flagg! For First Comics, and later produced its spin-off, Time2. In 1985, Chaykin wrote and drew a re-launch of The Shadow for DC Comics, and worked with them again in 1987 for a mini-series based on Blackhawk. Before the end of the decade, he released Black Kiss, pushing the boundaries of mainstream comics.

Chaykin’s most recent work includes Avengers 1959, a spin-off of The New Avengers, as well as Die-Hard: Year One, a comic about John McClane from the Die Hard film series. In 2009, he wrote and pencilled Dominic Fortune for Marvel Comics.