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September 12 to 14, 2014

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George Takei  |  Star Trek

George Takei
Star Trek

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With a career spanning five decades, George Takei is known around the world for his founding role in the acclaimed 1966 television series Star Trek, in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Starship Enterprise. Takei starred in three seasons of Star Trek and later reprised his iconic role in six movies. More recently, Takei won over a new generation of fans with his recurring guest role on the sci-fi drama Heroes as Kaito Nakamura, the father of time-traveler Hiro Nakamura.

Takei also plays the Hattori "Hologramps" Fukanaga, the holographic sensei on Nickolodeon’s Supah Ninjas. He has also done extensive voice acting, most notably on Kim Possible, Adventure Time, The Simpsons, Transformers: Prime and Archer, among others.

Classy, with a great sense of self-deprecating humour, Takei has appeared as himself on The Big Bang Theory, Malcom in the Middle, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Community, and is a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM Radio. His Facebook page has over 4 million fans, where he writes both humorous and inspiring posts that are seen by millions more. In 2012, he could be seen on The Celebrity Apprentice, alongside fellow Montreal Comiccon guest, Lou Ferrigno.

You can read about George Takei’s meteoric rise and dominance of the Internet in Oh Myyy (There Goes the Internet), only available, of course, in electronic format.